PVC Encapsulated & PVC Products

High performance, encapsulated PVC post formed doorsets.

A hard wearing and hygienic doorset, ideal for high traffic and high wear hospital or leisure environments.

As well as being extremely resilient with minimal maintenance requirements, the Bridgman IBC PVC doorsets are also visually striking, fire safety compliant to BM Trada standards, and ideal for a wide range of applications such as operating theatres, laboratories, clean rooms, kitchens & washrooms in food processing, healthcare, and pharmaceutical establishments.

Some of the key benefits of the PVC range are:

  • Anti-bacterial qualities – kills 99.9% of bacteria for the lifespan of Hygienilac additive (for up to 10 years)
  • Available in 40 colours
  • Pick and choose door and frame colours, contrasting or co-coordinated colours
  • 2mm PVC used throughout
  • Vision panel available with matching or contrasting clad vision panel or with timber alternatives
  • Available in many bespoke configurations