A fire door ensures that should a fire break out, it can be contained in a “compartment”. This keeps the fire and smoke trapped for a defined period, allowing time for people to get out or be rescued and make the fire easier to tackle.


We are a prime door manufacturer who specialise in manufacturing bespoke fire rated doors and associated products for the construction industry.


Our Fire Ratings can be broken down into the following sections:



NFR Non fire related
FD30 Fire resistance for 30 minutes
FD60 Fire resistance for 60 minutes
FD90 Fire resistance for 90 minutes
FD120 Fire resistance for 120 minutes




Manufacturers of fire door sets have a legal requirement to demonstrate the ability of their doors to resist the passage and spread of fire.


The Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacturer Scheme has been designed to allow fire door manufacturers to demonstrate that their doors meet the standards required, and to provide ongoing reassurance that their product is fit for purpose.


Bridgman are proud to be certified members of the BM TRADA Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacturing Scheme.

This comprehensive certification for timber fire doors ensures that performance and production is checked regularly through an annual audit.