Frame Sections

Bridgman IBC offer all frame sections to suit your project and specification. We can provide the detail of a PSE lining and stop, a solid rebated robust section or a flexible option such as the wrap around.

As standard, we pre hang all doorsets in a factory environment. All frames are assembled around the doors within the factory to ensure 3mm consistent tolerance between the door and the frame


The most common frame section on the market (min. section 32mm). Available in all timbers and finishes. The loose stop (min. section 32x13mm) is perfect for hiding your frame fixings and keeping the design as neat as possible. 

Solid Rebated

A more robust option often seen in conjunction with security or high usage areas. A one-piece section of (min.) 44mm (rebated back to 32mm) with an integral stop that is very hard wearing.  

Wrap Around

Less common, but ideal in refurbishments where wall depths are inconsistent. This flexible option includes two (44mm min.) frame sections with integral architrave that wraps around the wall. With width adjustment allowed behind the stop, it’s versatility is very convenient.